CFW-8/AO-7 Converter Modifications

When using a SBIG CWF-8 and/or an AO-7, one of the things you have to deal with is how to manage the AO-7/CFW-8/ST-X cabling. To use it, as it comes, the DB-9 to RJ-12 converter has no place to be mounted or securely tied down. I found this to be a problem at times and did the following to have better control over that connection.

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Here is the problem. No way to keep the converter from flopping around. My particular solution uses velcro, the universal holder. First, trace the outline of the converter on a piece of velcro. Then cut it out and attach one side to the back of the camera.
Next attach the other side of the cut out velcro to the converter. Now, attach the converter to the back of the camera, and the converter will be held in place.
By positioning the velcro as shown, the converter will be in-line with the camera connection. The next thing that must be modified is the actual ribbon cable that comes from the AO-7.
As you can see, the current locations of the DB-9 connectors are not spaced far enough apart to allow the connection to be made. I took the one connector off and repositioned it on the ribbon cable and all worked as advertised. The final solution was to show this to SBIG and they made up a new cable (shown) that fits very nicely. Problem solved !!