RCOS 16" Truss F/8.4

An opportunity presented itself in early May 2005 and I couldn't pass it up. After years of working on my C14 trying to find the ultimate mirror lock (not there yet), a 16" RCOS Truss appeared in my web browser and I couldn't turn it down. So now it sits on my Paramount ME waiting for the "New Scope Curse" to run it's course. (clouds and rain predicted for the next 6 days )..... Oh well, at least I have time to learn all the new software and hardware.....

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The delivery truck was too big to make it down the driveway, so we transfered the crate to my pickup (Wednesday morning May 25th) It took me until Sunday to line up my help to get the scope lifted up on the mount. ( I did peek in the crate before then :-)) )
The balance point has about 1" of the scope dovetail sticking out of the back of the versa plate. ** Note the clouds :-((( The most inexpensive dust filters money can buy.
Note the 3-D effect of the counterweight shaft extension. Got me twice already.... The PIR is now installed. My wife asked what it was, I told her it was a rotator. She said " Would that be a sweet rotator ?" :-0
The TCC is now installed. I used the Paramount's Serial-1 for the control line. I ran an additional 12Vdc line up to power the ST-2000XM on the FSQ. It will feed the SBIG DC power supply which will mount up top.
Trying to keep all the wiring under some sort of control. It will probably change 6 to 7 times before the clouds go away. My BFD is 10.0065". Adding up the PIR, spacers, AP adapters, Celestron T-SCT adapter, muscle plate, CFW-8, and ST-10XME, I get a pretty close 10.012". Off by 0.0055" - darn..........
The FSQ-106N rides nicely on top of this OTA. I'm glad I ordered the extra counterweight. A few well placed wire guides and I'm ready to start loading the TCC software and configuring the focuser, fans, heaters, and "sweet rotator" parameters. Are the stars still up there ???
The 16" fits nicely in the observatory with just enough room to spare.. With winter approaching, the water cooling lines will soon be coming off and then all cabling will be internal to the mount.
The extra counterweight for balance,just under the truss, let me position the FSQ so no reflected light off its dew shield would affect the RCOS. This is a picture of the OAGs and the Rotators on the RC and the FSQ. The size of the filter wheels dictate that you have to have the inactive camera rotated to a certain PA so no collision happens.