Snow Gun

Here are some pictures of my Snow Gun. I bought it From Mike Rice at New Mexico Skies. Well made and easy to use. Finding the CO2 was the hardest part. I found what I needed at Linde Gas. It's called Coleman Grade and is 99.99% pure. I had to have them make the tanks with the dip tube so I went ahead and got 2. They are 20lb tanks and I move it around on a Gas truck I bought from Northern Tool. Note: The 20lbs refers to the amount of gas, not the weight of the tank !!

Click on any thumbnail picture for the larger version
The Snowgun comes assembled and ready to hook up to your CO2 tank. Just attach the nozzle and clean. This gives a better perspective of the size. (I have big hands !)
This is how I move the tank around. This is the grade recommended by Linde Gas based on Mike Rice's instructions.