Horsehead IC 443 Horsehead

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Date: January 28, 2004
Exposure: Ha (CS 3nm): 4 1/2 hrs : 9 x 1800s
Processing: CCDSoftV5 for image acquisition, MaxIm for Image calibration,(20 flats, dark subtracted and median combined, 40 bias frames median combined, 12 - 1800s darks median combined, alignment, normalization, and sigma reject combine. Photoshop CS for final balance and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Average, Mag 3-4 Skies
Scope: AP155EDF @ f/5.1
Camera: SBIG ST-8XE/CFW-8,AP 0.67 Reducer, -25°
Comments: This was my first attempt at using the AP .67x reducer with the configuration. According to the AP information, with the reducer connected to the 2" nosepiece in the SBIG CFW-8A, the reduction should be 0.67. However, when measured, I only get 0.73x, so there is something that doesn't match up to the AP information. Regardless, the FOV was very flat across the entire chip and gave round stars out to the edges.