Horsehead M33
The Pinwheel Galaxy

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(Click here for my first attempt with my Vixen 102mm Flourite and ST-8E)

Date: November 23, 2003
Exposure: HaRLLRGB(min): 180:120:90:90:105
9 x 30m Ha, 12 x 10m L, 6 x 15m R, G & 7 x 15m B
Processing: CCDSoftV5 for image acquisition, MaxIm for Image calibration, alignment, and normalization. 16 flats Sigma Reject combined, 40 bias frames median combined, 20 1800s darks median combined. Photoshop CS for Ha-R combine, final HaRLLRGB combine, final color balance and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Above Average, Mag 3-4 Skies
Scope: AP 155 EDF, f/7 (1.671 arcsec/pixel)
Camera: SBIG ST-8E/CFW-8, -25°C
Comments: Seems like more images are spanning multiple nights. This one was done over 3 nights, 2 nights producing a set of RGB images, 1 night for the Ha and Luminance. The sky was very clear with good transparency, but the seeing was terrible. But, around here, you don't waste a clear night ! Originally shot in 2003, I reprocessed the image on 08/10/05 with some new techniques that I have learned using Photoshop.