Horsehead M57
The Ring Nebula

Date: May 12, 2001
Exposure: LRGB 30:10:10:15 : 6 x 300 L, 2 x 300 R, 2 x 300 G, 3 x 300 B
Processing: MaxIm for calibration, color combine, unsharp, and stretch. PhotoShop for final adjust plus JPG creation
Conditions: Average
Scope: C14 @ f/7
Camera: SBIG ST-9E, -25°, Celestron 6.3 Focal Reducer, New Hutech LP Filter
Comments: The Sky settled down after 1:00 am and I started work on this one to test the new Hutech LP filter. I'm begining to think that nothing can overcome this amount of skyglow here.