Horsehead NGC3628 Horsehead

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Date: April 2012
Exposure: LRGB : 560:260:260:260
56 x 600s L, 26 x 600s R , 26 x 600s G & 26 x 600 B
Processing: CCDSoftV5 for image acquisition.CCDStack,(10 each LRGB flats, dark subtracted and median combined, 80 bias frames median combined, 15-600s darks Sigma Reject combined), alignment, normalization, stretch, and RGB combine. Photoshop CS for LRGB processing,final adjustment and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Clear but fair seeing
Scope: RCOS 12.5 Truss
Camera: ST-10XME/CFW-8A -20°
Comments: The skies were clear, good transparency, seeing was steady. The 12.5 RC was on loan from Greg Morgan and my ST=10XME was a good matchup for the skies at SRO. More data collected than the other attempts and the results show the differences. The longer you can go the more data you have to process, but better results are the rewards.