Horsehead NGC5907 Horsehead

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Date: June 23, 2003
Exposure: LRGB : 180:60:60:90
18 x 600s L (1 X 1), 6 x 600s R,G , 9 x 600s B (2 X 2)
Processing: MaxIm for Image calibration, 25 flats, dark subtracted and median combined, 25 bias frames median combined, 25-600s darks (1 X 1) median combined, 25-600s darks (2 x 2) median combined, alignment, normalization, stretch, and RGB combine. Photoshop 7.0 for LRGB processing,final adjustment and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Clear, average seeing and transparency.
Scope: Celestron C14 (0.721 arcsec/pixel)
Camera: ST-8XE, CFW-8A -15°
Comments: The skies finally cleared, and we had a few days of good transparency, but the seeing was not great. The humidity for all the images was ranging from 90 - 100%, so I did not run the water cooling and chose to take the images at -15C which is about as low as I can go in 70F weather. I am having to take more and longer exposures as my light polution seems to be on the rise.