Horsehead NGC 6820 Horsehead

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Date: September 29, 2003
Exposure: Ha (3nm) 20400 : 17 x 1200s
Processing: Captured with CCDSoftV5, MaxIm for Image calibration,(16 flats dark subtracted and Sigma Reject combined, 40 bias frames Sigma Reject combined, 20-1200s darks Sigma Reject combined), dead/hot pixel removal, alignment, normalization. Photoshop with OZONE plugin for final processing and jpg conversion.
Conditions: Clear, Mag 3-4 Skies
Scope: AP155EDF, f/7 (1.671 arcsec/pix measured with TheSky), Vixen 102mm Flourite @ f/9 for Guiding. All equipment on a Paramount ME and can be seen here.
Camera: SBIG ST-8XE, -20°, SBIG ST-237A for Guiding
Comments: Started this one after it crossed the meridian and imaged for two nights to get the 5 2/3 hours. For me, this is the most interesting area. NGC6820 is a bright (emission and/or reflection) nebula in Vulpecula. I used John Smith's Sequencer software to control the imaging, park the scope and turn off the camera cooler. I went to bed after I started the program and everything was finished when I got up. This is a great program and John has done a marvelous job making it feature rich and time saving. I would highly recommend it.