Celestron CR150 and Vixen 102mm Fl

While waiting on one of my new mounts to handle the C14, I wanted to see how Celestrons CR150 performed. The CG-5 mount that ships with it can not hold the CR150 steady enough while focusing, so I mounted it on the CI700. This is a much better match and vibrations dampened out in about 1 sec.

     May 22, 2002 - My Astro-Physics 1200GTO arrives......
       Pictures of the unboxing, installation, and comparison to the CI700 mount can be seen here:AP1200GTO arrives at TwinOaks Observatory

     July 5, 2002 - My Paramount GT-1100ME arrives......
      Being on Software Bisque's waiting list for over 1 1/2 years, I can tell you it was worth the wait !!! Pictures of the installation are here: ParamountME arrives at TwinOaks Observatory

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While the C14 taxes the CI700, it handles Celestrons CR150 very well. I was even able to mount my Vixen 102mm flourite piggyback without any problems. I use my ST-237A with the Vixen and guide with the CR150 and a ST-4.
To balance the C-14, I needed 61#s of counterweights. With the two refractors, I only need 22#s. This causes fewer problems for the clutches on the CI700 and balancing is much easier. I use a focal reducer on the Vixen and this gives a nice FOV with the ST-237A. A JMI focuser is controlled by the computer, so focusing can be done remotely. A Kendrick Dew System keeps us dry.
Another shot of the Kendrick controller and the Telrad. If you haven't used a telrad, consider one. They are great for getting close while manually slewing the scope. The ST-4 control box sits nicely on top of the ST-237A control box. Both are connected to the main computer and are interfaced with MaxIm DL/CCD software.
A look from the rear showing both cameras. The two scopes have been aligned to keep the ST-4 pointed to the center of the ST-237A chip. This has made it very easy to find guide stars. Another view of the ST-4 and ST-237A controllers.
I also have a NexStar 5 that is a great planetary scope. I use my Nikon CoolPix 800 in eyepiece projection mode. Works great. The NexStar 8 belongs to my uncle. The ST-237A at prime focus or with a barlow presents a very small load for this scope. This will be used primarily for planets.